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Due to this functionality you can put purchase and sales orders in the system, so that you can buy or sell automatically at the desired price.

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Buy and sell TomoChain (TOMO) for a fair price

At Bitladon, we like to offer our customers an easy way to buy and sell TomoChain for a fair price. With our platform, users can use payment methods like SEPA or SOFORT to buy their coins. This way it is even possible for a beginner to start trading at Bitladon. Next to TOMO, we offer over 200 different coins. Once you buy a coin it will be added to your wallet integrated into your account. It is that simple!

Chart TomoChain

About TomoChain

TomoChain (TOMO) sees itself as a solution to the scalability problem that most current blockchain platforms have. TomoChain features a 150-Masternodes architecture.  The architecture also features a POSV (Proof of Stake Voting) consensus which results in almost no fees to use the network. The network guarantees security and stability through techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts and uniform randomization processes.

Start trading at Bitladon

When you have created an account at Bitladon it is very easy to start buying your first coins. When you want to buy TomoChain it might be a good idea to look at the overview of all the coins or at the graph. Taking a close look is always advised. You can base your actions on this information. But, what if you don't have the time to sit behind your desk all day to check the prices? You can also make use of our buy and sell-orders! This can be done via the 'advanced' button. We also have an any-to-any function, this means that you can trade one coin for another. This can be done via your account under the tab with your wallet.

If you need any help, have a look at the FAQ or at out manuals. If you still need more information you can, of course, talk to our helpdesk which is available via mail, chat or phone at: 085 007 4844.

Need help?

Take a look at our FAQ page. Frequently asked questions are answered on that page. If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

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