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Due to this functionality you can put purchase and sales orders in the system, so that you can buy or sell automatically at the desired price.

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Buy Secret (SCRT) directly with Euros

Are you looking to buy Secret (SCRT) with euros? You came to the right place! You buy Secret (SCRT) via SEPA transfer or one of our other secure payment methods. The only thing you need is an account, your account can be created within 5 minutes! After that you can get started and buy SCRT coins. You will then immediately receive the ENG coins in your wallet which is included in your account.

Please note: Secret is a privacy coin and can no longer be withdrawn or deposited due to stricter regulations.

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What kind of coin is Secret?

Secret is the Secret Network's own currency, a decentralized private / secure computing network previously known as Enigma. Nodes in the network can perform generalizable calculations on encrypted data, allowing smart contracts to use private and privacy-sensitive data as input. Secret Network's focus is on computational privacy, not just transactional privacy. Developers can build decentralized, privacy-preserving "secret apps" on the network. The secret network's privacy functionality is critical in many areas including decentralized finance, Web3, machine learning, access control, and many more.

The process of buying and storing SCRT coins

The easiest way to purchase your SCRT is to purchase it through SEPA transfer. You can manage the Secret coins and other currencies in your own external wallet or keep them in your Bitladon wallet which is stored on our secure offline servers. The choice is yours. We operate a 95% cold storage policy. If you want to know what the ENG or other cryptocurrencies are worth at the moment, you can simply view the overview of our rates and coins. A chart shows per coin what it has done in recent months. A clear percentage expresses how the SCRT coin and others are in the last 24.

Exchange one coin for another through our any-to-any feature!

At Bitladon we offer the possibility to exchange one currency for the other without having to pay large sums of fees. You can do this through our any-to-any function, when you use this function you will pay half of the fee. You can then trade SCRT directly for Polkadot or XRP for example. The standard fee is a rate of 2% but will be lower depending on your trading volume. The more you trade the less fee you pay. For example, when you buy SCRT for a worth of €100,- you will pay 1.5% and this gets lower the more you trade. For the full explanation you can have a look at our faq page

Need help?

Take a look at our FAQ page. Frequently asked questions are answered on that page. If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

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