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Creating an account and logging in

To create an account, click on the button with the following text: “Create an account”.

Once you’ve clicked on this button, you’ll be sent to the page on which you can enter the needed information to create an account.

The page will look like the image below.

Don’t forget to read and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy before you click on “Create an account”.

After you’ve successfully done this, you’ll see a page that tells you to check your e-mail. See the image below.

In your e-mail, you’ll see that you’ve received an e-mail called: “Confirm your registration” from “Bitcoin Meester”. Note that “Bitcoin Meester” is the name of our Dutch website.

The e-mail will look like this:

Upon clicking on this link, you’ll be sent to the website again and you’ll see the login screen with the text that your account was successfully activated.

[insert account successfully created screenshot]

Enter your e-mail and password and click on “Log in”. You’ll then see the following screen:

By now, you’ve received an e-mail with the 2FA code. The e-mail will look like this:

Upon successfully entering this code on the website, you'll be logged in.


Depositing and sending euro

To buy coins, you'll have to deposit euro to your account. You can do this in your account at the "Wallet" tab.

Here, you can click on "Deposit euro", in which you can enter the amount you want to deposit. If you deposit the money with iDeal, it will be on your account within a few minutes. A manual bank deposit will take longer. Once deposited, the euro will be visible in your account under "Your credits".



If you decide that you want to withdraw your credits, you can click on "Withdraw euro".

Here you can choose your bank account number you want to withdraw the funds to and enter the amount of euro you want to withdraw.

Please note: You can only withdraw your credits if you've verified your bank account number.

Buying, selling and exchanging coins

Now that you've deposited euro, you can buy coins. You can do this in the "Wallet" page under "My account" or the "Coins" page. We'll take the "My account" page as an example for this manual.

There's a list of coins in your account and each of them have the options: "Buy" and "Sell"


If you click on either "Buy" or "Sell", you'll be redirected to the page where you can buy or sell the coin. We'll take Bitcoin as an example.

On this screen, you can enter the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) you want to buy or the amount of euro you want to buy for. If you're sure you want to buy this with your credits, you can click on the orange "BUY" button and the coins will immidiately be visible in your account.

If you already have coins and want to sell them, you can choose the option "Sell".

The screen will then look like this:

Here you can enter the amount of BTC you want to sell. If you're sure you want to sell the coins, click on the orange "SELL" button. The credits will then be visible in your account.


Exchanging coins: 
You can also directly exchange coins any to any. Simply choose the coin you want to change in the left field and then choose the coin you want to change it to on the right. 


Please note: The minimum for buying and selling coins, is 10 euro. Anything below this will NOT work.



Sending and depositing coins

It's also possible to send the coins to someone else's wallet. You do this by going to "My account", which will send you to your "Wallet".

Here you'll see a list of coins. To make it easier on the eyes, we'll use the option "Hide the coins I don't own"

Now we'll only see the coins we already own. In this example, we'll use "Ripple".

Behind the coin you want to send, you'll see the options "Send" and "Deposit". Choose the option "Send" to start the process of sending your coins.

In this pop-up, you can enter the amount of coins you want to send, the address you want to send it to and (if neccessary) the Tag / MEMO. Click on the orange button "Send ripple" to send the coins.

You'll then get an e-mail to confirm the withdrawal.

It's important you open the link while you're logged in. The link will not work otherwise. You can try to copy/paste the link in the right tab if you want to be sure.
If you have to log in upon clicking on the link, the link did not work.


If you want to deposit coins to your account, you can click on the "deposit" button behind the coin. This will show you the correct wallet address you can send your coins to. 


To increase your weekly limit, you'll have to complete a few verification steps. To go to the verification page, simply click on the numbers underneath "Weekly limit" in your account.

Another way to get to the same page, is by going to "Account details" and then clicking on the orange button that says: "View verification".

The verification page explains the steps that need to be taken in order to increase your weekly limit.
The page looks like this:





If you want to see all of your transactions, you can click on the tab: "Transactions".

Here you can see the exchanges you've made, but also your euro deposits/withdrawals and crypto deposits/withdrawals.

Coin overview

To see a list of all the coins with their prices, click on "Coins".

The coin overview will then look like this:

If you click on a coin, taking Bitcoin (BTC) as an example, you'll see the following screen in which you can buy and sell the coin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ cointains the frequently asked questions. There are currently 6 subjects that you can choose from. If there's something you dont know, try these questions before contacting us! Chances are your question will already be answered in here.

Contacting us

If your questions aren't answered in the FAQ or these manuals, you can contact the helpdesk. You can do this by mail, phone or online chat. The "Contact" page contains all the information you need if you want to contact us. During weekends, you can e-mail us!

Need help?

Take a look at our FAQ page. Frequently asked questions are answered on that page. If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

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