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Buy GET token with Bitladon

With Bitladon it is possible to buy GET-token secure, fast and easy. To make this possible users can buy and sell any cryptocurrency such as GET token directly with euros. GET protocol is a Dutch project and aims to solve the problem of ticket fraud and scalping using blockchain technology. Hundreds of thousands of smart tickets have now been sold through the event protocol across Europe and Asia. The GET token is an ERC20 token and a critical part of the GET protocol.

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What is GET protocol?

The GET Protocol Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The project's mission is to make ticketing fair, transparent and accessible to all parties involved. Both for the visitors, the artists and the organizers. The GET Protocol makes access rights truly digital and fully controllable. Ticket fraud and unfair resale are in the past with GET protocol.

How does the GET token work?

The name GET stands for "Guaranteed Entrance Token". The token is an ERC20 token and a critical part of the GET protocol. GET token is a utility token, which means that it serves a specific purpose within the ticket solution of the GET protocol. The properties of the GET token ensure a transparent and stable value equivalent as usability on a ticket, which is locked in every event cycle. At the beginning of each event cycle, GET tokens are distributed to the event organizer to 'feed' the necessary transactions. They act as fuel to support the distribution and any changes (such as transfer of ownership on resale) of the smart tickets.

A full explanation of the token economics of GET can be found here.

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At Bitladon, our goal is to make cryptocurrency trading as simple and fast as possible. Therefore, every coin we offer, such as GET token, can easily be bought with euros and paid for via iDeal or Bancontact. Do you need help with the platform? Take a look at our manuals or our FAQ. If you need help from an employee, you can of course also start a chat or call us via the contact details below.

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