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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Can I stake my coins at Bitladon?

    Yes! We offer the option to stake your coins with us on the platform. In total, we offer 15 different coins to stake at interest rates between 2% and 10.5%.

  • What is staking?!

    At Bitladon you can stake your coins. Staking is nothing more than holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the security and operations of a particular blockchain network. In exchange for holding your coins, you will receive rewards in the form of crypto.

    The percentages are on a yearly basis. To receive your staking rewards you must hold the stakes for at least 24 hours. Stakes are paid out overnight and automatically credited to your staking wallet. If you remove the coins from your staking wallet, you will lose the day's stakes.

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Take a look at our FAQ page. Frequently asked questions are answered on that page. If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

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