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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Is there a limit for selling and buying coins?

    There’s no maximum amount for buying and selling, We do, however, have a minimum of 9 Euro per coin.

  • Do you have enough coins in stock?

    Definitely. We always make sure to have enough coins in stock and available for our customers!

  • I made an account. Can I buy coins now?

    You'll have to deposit Euros before you're able to buy any of the coins. Once you've done this, you'll be able to buy the coins!

  • Are there costs associated with buying and selling coins?

    We have a standard fee of approximately 1.5% of the transaction, with a discount of up to 1.25%. Our fee is already included in our stock market rate, so we have a "what you see is what you get" policy.

    VIP 1  ≥ € 1,00  1.50%

    VIP 2  ≥ € 1.000,00  1.00%

    VIP 3  ≥ € 5.000,00  0.75%

    VIP 4  ≥ € 10.000,00  0.65%

    VIP 5  ≥ € 25.000,00 0.55%

    VIP 6  ≥ € 100.000,00  0.45%

    VIP 7  ≥ € 500.000,00  0.35%

    VIP 8  ≥ € 1.000.000,00  0.25%

  • Why is there a gap between the market value and selling price?

    The difference between the market value and the selling value (also known as the “spread”) is something that almost everyone finds annoying. Is Bitladon keeping a part for itself? In this article we will explain where this difference comes from and how it works.

    Where does the difference come from?

    Bitladon buys and sells its coins on various international exchanges. At the exchanges there is a buy and sell price for which we can buy or sell these coins. We call the difference between the two the 'spread', which differs based on the amount of trades at the given moment.
    This difference usually changes per minute but can even be different every second. This differs per currency and per moment. mThere is a balance point where orders from the buyers and sellers meet. At the same time, there is always a gap, which fluctuates and moves as trade orders are resolved on the other side, causing the total price to go up or down. Sellers want to sell as high as possible and buyers want the price for which they buy a coin to be as low as possible. This forms the gap between the two called spread. That is why at any time the price you can buy at is higher than the price at which you can sell.

    If there is an overlap between the two sides of the gap, the overlapping trade order is resolved immediately, and the price gap reappears. You will see this spread on every exchange in the world, both in crypto and in traditional stocks or any other asset traded on the stock exchanges. The lower price is known as the “bid price” and the higher is the “ask price” (the asking price). So price spreads are the difference between the highest buy order and the lowest sell order on a given exchange.

    Doesn't Bitladon keep this difference?

    No, we do not earn anything from this except the transaction costs that you pay on your trades.

    Why is the difference between market value and resale value so great in one currency and so small in another?

    Because the spread depends on the trade. A currency like Bitcoin has a billion-dollar trade, where other coins are less than a million in 24-hour trading. As a result, the order book is also a lot smaller and the difference can be a lot bigger when you trade with larger amounts.

  • How fast do you cash out?

    We cash out fast! We immediatly give an order to our bank when you decide to withdraw your money. 

  • What are the costs for exchanging any to any?

    You always pay half the fee. This, therefore, has a standard margin of 1%. Depending on your VIP level, you can earn a higher discount.


    VIP level 9 gives 1.75% discount. This leaves you with a fee of 0.25%. Because you pay half of this fee, you pay 0.125% for exchanging the coins directly.

    It is, therefore, cheaper to change a coin directly for another coin than to sell it and then buy another coin.

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