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Due to this functionality you can put purchase and sales orders in the system, so that you can buy or sell automatically at the desired price.

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Buy or sell Elastos coin and other coins

At Bitladon we try to make investing in cryptocurrencies as easy and fast as possible. We offer the possibility to buy and sell Elastos coin with a ELA/EUR pair. It is up to you to keep the coins in your account with an integrated Elastos wallet or send them to an external wallet. The choice is yours! 

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What kind of coin is Elastos?

Elastos has been around since 2000 and is the world's first decentralized control system. Initially, the project was designed to make the internet a safer place. Since the blockchain technology, Elastos goals have become much broader. The combination of the development of Elastos and the blockchain makes many more things possible than initially thought. For example, Elastos wants to set up a completely new internet system that runs entirely on the blockchain. Other than Elastos we offer over 200 other coins such as Polkadot, Solve and XRP.

Create an account fast and easy

Thanks to our fast identification process, you can quickly get started with your account. Verifying your bank account is the fastest via iDeal. So you can start today! If you decide to trade more than € 100, you must go through an identity verification. This is also done within half an hour (this may take a little longer outside working hours). We are also precise with your data and treat it according to the AVG guidelines. Trading in cryptocurrencies is therefore safe and fast on

What happens when you buy coins?

They are stored securely in your Bitladon wallet. Of course you can also choose to store them in your own Elastos wallet. Getting started is very easy. Put a certain euro amount in your account and start buying and selling Elastos coin or other cryptocurrency for the current price. You can start investing whenever you want. That's the beauty of investing in cryptocurrencies.

What now?

Questions about investing in cryptocurrencies on Bitladon can be answered through our FAQ page, the manuals or by contacting us by phone, email or chat. We are happy to help you! Would you like to learn more about the topic in general? Then take a look at our blog!

Need help?

Take a look at our FAQ page. Frequently asked questions are answered on that page. If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

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