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Due to this functionality you can put purchase and sales orders in the system, so that you can buy or sell automatically at the desired price.

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Buy BitTorrent at the current BitTorrent rate

At Bitladon you can buy BitTorrent coin for the live BTT price rate. BitTorrent has been around for a long time. It is a protocol for p2p file sharing. The protocol allows users to share music, videos or files. The BTT token is based on a TRC10 token, or Tron's network. It will be used on the platform to execute transactions in computer resources that are shared between BitTorrent clients and other participants. Buying BitTorrent is easy with Bitladon.

Chart BitTorrent

Follow the live BitTorrent price

The BitTorrent rate can be read at any time of the day using the graph above. Our price is updated every minute and is based on the average price on various exchanges and trading on our own platform. You may notice that the BitTorrent rate runs from 2019, because it is a fairly new currency. It is therefore a coin created by the Tron foundation as a project of Justin Sun.

Buy and sell BitTorrent at the best price

Do you want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best price? Bitladon is the right place! On our platform you can check how much BTT costs and follow the course at any time - the course is always up-to-date and all costs are included. This means that you buy exactly what you see and do not have to be afraid of unpleasant surprises. To make the best investment, you can analyze the graphs available on the website or set up an automatic transaction. The currency is then bought or sold when it reaches the desired value.

Safety and simplicity are our priorities

Everyone can set up an account with Bitladon, it is only a matter of minutes to buy and sell BittTorrent! The cryptocurrency is stored in our secure offline storage or in your own wallet, you decide yourself! After we have created the account we will verify it so that you can trade in cryptocurrency without restrictions. We will process your data with the greatest care, in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

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If you have questions or doubts, view our FAQ section and read the instructions on the page. Can you not figure it out yourself? Our experts are at your disposal and can be reached by telephone, by e-mail and chat!

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Take a look at our FAQ page. Frequently asked questions are answered on that page. If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

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